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Equip Her

WFM 917 - Equip Her

The just concluded workshop"EQUIP HER" in commemoration of IWD2017 organised by WFM 91.7 to empower Women and girls was a success as the women and girls went home fulfilled, empowered and ready to become financially independent having garnered skills in Shoe making, Jewellery making and Cake baking.

THANK YOU to our friends and partners who chose to be BOLD to CHANGE the lives of other Women and girls. THANK YOU for lifting another Woman up through your personal and corporate sponsorship. Our THANK YOU in alphabetical order to:

* Adejoke Orelope-Adefulire -SSA to Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari on SDGS

* Gazelle Academy, Lagos. Nigeria.

* Sheroes, Ireland

* Taere Onyeje Lagos. Nigeria

THANK YOU to our trainers who gave 2 days out of their businesses and busy schedules to give practical teachings to Women and Girls. Thank you Aishat for producing other female shoemakers. Thank you Adeyemi for creating fresh female jewellers. Thank you Stella for producing new bakers. 

The vision of WFM 91.7 is to develop Women; and we aim to train and raise 200 by December 2017 through our free training and start up empowerment programme "EQUIPHER" to achieve "gender equality and empower all women and girls".

Beyond IWD2017, "EQUIPHER" will continue to work together with our female trainers and others who are committed to see other Women and Girls stand on thier own financially and in turn become employers of labour.

Join us to invest in HER; to raise HER up and to CHANGE HER life on HER journey to HER financial independence. 


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